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Fish restaurant


Bajamonti is also a famous fish restaurant in Split. Its cuisine sums up a contemporary culinary story with high-quality fish dishes, greeting all its guests with famous Mediterranean specialties, among which many find their roots in old recipes. 

Guests are invited to dive into the aromas of typical Dalmatian dishes such as fish stew “Gregada” with sea bass filet, scampi and clams, Sea Bass al Forno, or explore the fantastic blend of tastes hidden within Black Noodles with Lobster and Shrimp Tails.

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Fish stew


Opt for a plate soaked in the Mediterranean! This juicy fish stew is a rendition of one of the typical Dalmatian seafood dishes “Gregada” - it includes the irresistible aromas of sea bass filet, scampi, warty venus and vegetables.

Truffle sauce


A unique blend of Croatian flavors is present in this combination of tender monkfish filet and internationally renowned Istrian truffle sauce. These aromatic contrasts are perfectly coupled with wild rice and vegetables, making it a soft and juicy dish to suit everyone’s palate.

Lobster & shrimp tails


Get entangled in our homemade black noodles made with cuttlefish ink and coupled with the powerful flavors of lobster and shrimp tails dipped in rich “brodetto” sauce. This tasty combination is heaven for all seafood lovers looking for a fish restaurant in old town Split.

For two


Share this exquisite dish for two and explore the unique blend of tastes and scents of our delicious fusion of high-quality sea bass with tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, leeks, local olives and white wine. The recipe is a perfect for anyone craving a light Mediterranean lunch!



The freshest supply of Mediterranean flavors is here provided by a bold and modern combination of octopus, the sweetness of oranges and broad beans with the pungent aroma of aceto balsamico. Plunge into this invigorating seafood dish!



Our homemade black noodles are made with cuttlefish ink and accompanied by the freshest and flavorsome Adriatic shrimp and scampi tails, monkfish and carpet shells. Experience the depths of the Adriatic sea with this rich seafood special!

Shrimp tails & basil pesto


Bajamonti’s mouth-watering homemade ravioli with ricotta filling are combined with the finest ingredients which include homemade pesto, extra-virgin olive oil, basil, Grana Padano, cashew nuts, local Adriatic shrimp tails dipped in brodetto sauce. Taste this exquisite Mediterranean fusion!

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